Broadening our View

CCSD has changed its name and its focus!

The CONCERNED CITIZENS FOR SCHOOL DATABASES (the new CCSD) has taken shape from a core group of Colorado activists who located pornography in their local school districts and public libraries. Our research has led us down a startling path – the problem is nationwide, and even international.

EBSCO Information Services is a major provider of school databases, to over 50,000 schools across the country, and is knowingly streaming pornography into its elementary, middle and high school databases. Last February, we contributed to an effort that resulted in their placement on the 2017 Dirty Dozen List by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. EBSCO has taken baby-steps to clean up its school products but they continue to stream obscene material at children, soft porn, “erotica”, sexual imagery, links to sex toy shops and escort services, with some of the escort services even encouraging kids to “sign up” for “casting”.

Other large corporate entities, such as Cengage/GALE, OverDrive, and ProQuest have now also been identified as streaming obscene material into children’s databases which are marketed as school and library products across the nation, and around the globe.

The CCSD grew out of the prestigious, Cherry Creek School District in Colorado but has grown to address this assault on our nation’s children. As we became more educated about the extent of the problem, it became clear that this is not an issue restricted to a school, or a school district, or a state, or even a country. It is endemic, it is global, and it is an assault on our children.

Get the porn out of our schools! Demand that schools do not conduct businesses with pornographers! These are your tax dollars that are being misused and misspent.