Lies, Damn Lies, and the Cherry Creek Administration That Tells Them

We have recently been in touch with EBSCO, the huge data base content provider that is responsible for much of the pornographic material entering our schools.

It is clear that the Cherry Creek School District is working frantically with EBSCO to try to sanitize the Fox Ridge Middle School web portals. That’s good, that is fantastic, that is what we have been asking for, for over 5 months.

So, where is the cloud in this silver lining?

First, the District is only removing this material from a limited number of middle schools; they are not removing it at all from the high schools.

Second, they are not removing it from the middle schools fast enough, this material is still available at a large number of the middle schools.

It is imortant to note, however, that this is all a piecemeal approach; they only remove what our group has identified for them. These data bases (EBSCO, ProQuest, Cengage) are entirely corrupted with this material.

Why do they just not remove these “resources” in their entirety? What is the quid pro quo benefiting the administration or the District that compels them to keep doing business with pornographers?

When we started on this hideous journey, we raised the issue of graphic pornography through the District web portals, expecting that the district would be anxious to clean it up. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, we were threatened and told to stop talking about it.

Then, the district defended the material, saying it was necessary for “inclusive excellence” and an “appropriate use of controversial and sensitive material”.

Then, we were told that we were censors.

People that called the district, including reporters from the Christian Post, Fox News, and WND were told that we were liars, that the material just did not exist.

If you are to believe we are liars, as the Cherry Creek administration and Tustin Amole, of the Ministry of Truth, allege, then you must also believe: is lying

Mr. Bull has denigrated this organization as being a hate group. This is typical of the left, when they don’t like the message they are hearing….call the messenger a hater.

Mr. Bull has done the same to us. “Don’t like porn in schools; HATER!”

WND News is lying.!

Steve Curtis of KLZ radio in Denver is a liar.


John Rush, also at KLZ, is a liar.

Dr. Everett Piper, President of Wesleyan University in Oklahoma, is a liar.


Tony Perkins, syndicated host of Washington Watch, is a liar.


Look for the Jan 18th recording


John Loeffler, of Steel on Steel, is a liar.

Really? Everybody is a liar except Harry Bull and Tustin Amole? Maybe this “single family” are just evil masterminds that have been able to dupe so many of these people? What masterful evil genius’ we must be. Tinfoil hats anyone?

How can it be that all these public personalities, along with this poor lying family, are all wrong and Harry Bull, Tustin Amole, and the Cherry Creek School Board are paragons of the truth? Want to buy a bridge?

Under intense pressure, the District began to sanitize the web portals and began working with EBSCO to get the material removed, but only from a limited number of middle schools, the high schools are to remain untouched.

Now, apparently, the corporate line is this:

  1. The “single family” complaining about this matter are troublemakers in the district and there is no pornography.
  2. Even if there is a bit of pornography, it is not very bad and needs to be searched out; it is not easy to find.
  3. And that even if there is a bit of pornography, and it is not easy to find, the District is taking steps to remove it.
  4. But remember, the family is just nuts.

Now, I admit to bias in this matter, but even a childlike application of critical thinking can quickly see that if there is really no porn, and the family is just nuts, why is the district working “so hard” to remove it as quickly as they can?

And how much porn is an acceptable amount for our children?

And what kind of porn does the District think is not so bad as to require removal.

Why are there videos available that clearly show the hideous nature of the material and the extreme ease with which it is accessed? What kind of effort must it have taken for the family to create these “fake” videos?  And why would local and national media get on board with this hoax? Really? Who sounds like the conspiracy nut, here?

Why did Mr. Bull, the Superintendent of the District, stand before an audience of around 100 people at the last Parent Council meeting and admit that, in fact, there is pornography available through the District portals? He didn’t deny it at all. He also did not say it was hard to get at.

What he did say was he considers it a balance that needs to be weighed; does the good material available outweigh, on balance, the negative effects of the easy availability of pornography to children?

Our position is that there is no balance to be weighed. We all heard the woman at this meeting crying, as she relayed the effects that viewing this material had on her nephew, or was it her son? This young boy was so traumatized by the experience that he has been in therapy for a year. Does this sound like an issue that requires a weighing of the pros and cons?

For the people that were at the Parent Council meeting, unless you are going to be completely dishonest with yourself, you must have seen the anguish this woman was experiencing. You must understand the damage that this material has done this young boy. You must know, despite any political ideology you might have, that this is an injustice and it has been committed by your employer and your schools.

Teachers and parents, you have been told by Harry Bull and Tustin Amole, the District chief propagandist, that we are “haters”, that we are a “single family”, that we have an “agenda”, and that our “motivations” are questionable. It is time to move out of your comfort zone and get involved. If you believe the characterizations of Harry Bull, the District ,and Tustin Amole, without doing any of your own verification, then you acquiece to being used as puppets.

We, unlike the District, are not asking for your blind faith, we want you check into this.

We understand that this requires an effort on your part; a need to look past what you are being told by people in whom you have placed your trust. We understand that it makes for an easier sleep if you do nothing, but doing nothing is not an adult response in this matter. You must act!

So, if we have an agenda, we do; no porn to kids. Kids come first.

If we have questionable motivations, we do, although there is nothing questionable about our motivations. Kids come first.

If we are censors, we are; admittedly and proudly. We believe in making all information available to all children, at the appropriate level in their physical and emotional development which allows them to process that information. We want healthy kids. Kids come first.

It is not our motivations, agenda, objectives, goals, or desires that you need to examine; it is your own and the District’s.

Or maybe that won’t allow you to sleep at night.

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