Logic Need Not Apply

I’ll offer up my disclaimer, right up front. I do not care what an adult does in their own life, as long as it does not hurt anyone else; physically or mentally.

Having said that, gotten that out of the way, let’s look at the current trend of liberals and “allies” cooing over, so-called,  transgendered kids and the stampede for certain parents to push their kids into this demented world.

I say “demented” because, clearly, this is a mental health issue. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association lists it as a psychiatric disorder and common sense would indicate that the failure to see or accept objective reality is clearly an indicator of mental health issues.

If a person has psychiatric issues, they need treatment, not promotion and affirmation.  To deny them that help is just not reasonable or charitable.

What really confuses me, though, is the fervor with which outwardly appearing normal people embrace and promote this delusion. There is a fundamental flaw in their logic and reasoning.

Schools are a growth market for this type of flawed reasoning. We have had a High School Principal condescendingly tell us that it is only our opinion that transgenderism (gender dysphoria) is a psychiatric disorder. Uh, no, it is a medical fact. If you want to argue that, argue with the APA.

To highlight the selective application of logic, consider a hypothetical conversation with this same intellectual giant.

If I was to ask her: is she is a creationist or an evolutionist, there is no doubt, being a person who believes in science, that she would say she was an evolutionist.

If I told her I was a creationist (which I am not) and that the world began only 5,000 years ago and asked her opinion of my views, sparing my feeling in no way, she when would launch a blistering criticism of me and my failure to accept the science.

So, if she fails to believe creationism and would, instead, mock me, why does she believe a boy that says he is a girl or a girl that says she is a boy; in spite of all of the objective evidence to the contrary?

Pure delusion.

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