Want to See the New Face of the Cherry Creek School District High Schools?


Just because your tax dollars are paying for every book, every building, every salary, every pen, every video projector….everything that is in out public schools, don’t ever think that you, as a tax payer own them.

If you doubt this, Carla Stearns, the new Director of High School Education for the Cherry Creek School District will clear that up for you.

According to Carla Stearns, parents are not allowed to enter school facilities. You must have an appointment. But, here is the Catch 22; if you don’t have an appointment, you can’t enter but you can’t get an appointment cause no one will say they can set an appointment for you.

For those of you with your heads on straight, you already know we own those facilities and the people that work in them are our employees. They may think they work for the District but they work for us. Plain and simple.

Cherry Creek School District Policies KI and KI-R read as follows:

The Board of Education encourages parents/guardians and other citizens of the district to visit classrooms, activities and functions to observe the work of the schools. The Board believes that there is no better way for the public to learn what the schools are actually involved in and doing.

But, of course, Carla Stearns and other, like-minded bureaucrats in the district have absolutely no interest in your learning about what the schools are actually involved in and doing. In fact, secrecy and cover-up is the order.

And they will pick and choose the policies they want to follow.

The only conditions restricting an individual’s right to view the facilities is when that individual is causing a danger or disruption and such was not the case in the parent’s visit in the video, above.

If you look quick in the upper left of the video, as it starts, you will see one librarian. The parent was already there as a regular volunteer in the school store, and was concerned when her daughter came home with an adult book, containing inappropriate material.

There was not one single child in the library.

The parent called Barnes and Nobel and asked if they had this particular book on the children’s shelf in the store and she was told “Absolutely not. It is not appropriate for this age group”. Yet, once again, the Cherry Creek School District makes the obvious bad choice in favor of inappropriate material to children.

As Huck Finn was oft heard to say, “I could see it warn’t no use in arguin”, so the parent left, with no disruption.

This is the face of the modern educator. A petty tyrant that has no interest in responding to questions asked by her employers….the tax payers that pay her salary.


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